Friday, October 10, 2014

Preparation for October A&S Workshop in Bhakail

Class Title: Introduction to Making Glass Beads 

Class limit: 4 students who are brand new to lampworking. More experienced students who have made at least a few glass beads before and have their own kits can attend as space allows.
Materials Fee: $15 (covers the gas used for the torch and glass to play with). Attendees will be able to take home all of their finished beads.

Description: This class will provide attendees with a basic introduction to glass bead making (lampworking/flameworking). It will cover how to make a bead, and also how to shape and decorate beads with dots and lines. In addition to this hands on practice, I will discuss what glass beadmaking was like in period, and provide handouts designed to help you start thinking about making historically accurate glass beads with your new found skills. After this introductory material is covered, I will be available to workshop with more advanced students. If there is a skill you wish to learn or practice, please let me know. I will also bring some of my other sources and documentation with me for people interested in learning more about early period beads.

Note:  If possible, please wear clothing made from natural fibers, close toed shoes, and a shirt with tight fitting sleeves.

bring example beads of the types we will be making during the workshop

the significance of glass beads in the early middle ages
period v.s. modern tools and techniques
introduction to materials and mandrel preparation
safety discussion
practice turning the torch on/off, and drying mandrels
make stringer (2 different methods) and learning the feel of the glass
making a bead
adding more glass to make a larger bead (disk method)
basic shaping (barrel & cylinder)
decorating beads (frit, dots, and stacked dots)
how to make period glass beads as a beginner

Materials needed for each participant (or for participants to share)
4 torch heads
4 torch clamp assemblies (L brackets, hose clamps, C clamps)
4 cookie sheets
4 tanks of mapp gas (pluss a few extra)
4 butter knives for marvers
4 yellow rods, 4 red rods
10 mandrels per person

frit in various colors
2 vermiculite containers
2 containers with sand for mandrels
2 containers of bead release to share
4 spoons for frit
4 chopsticks for pulling stringer
2 bbq lighters
4 pairs of safety glasses

-Materials list and picture
-"How to Make a Wound Bead" step by step guide
-"Making Historic Glass Beads as a Beginner" article
-"Social Meaning of Beads" article
-Handout discussing period v.s. modern tools and techniques