Friday, October 10, 2014

Beads for Royalty Largesse

Below are some beads that were given to the Royal Gift Coordinator. My name was given to this individual by some friends (which was lovely of them), and I was asked if I could either make something, or provide something from my stash of beads, for a trip TRMs were taking to Caid. Below are pictures of the beads that I sent out. 

The first are 7 larger beads that I attached wire wrapped rings to. I also labeled these beads with a photo of an extant bead, and some very general information about the origins of the bead design....because history!


The second image is of a small necklace of beads that I created specifically for HerRM of Caid, taking into account some persona information (such as heraldic colors, and time period) found on their website. A photo of the information card I sent with the beads is also included below.