Thursday, May 5, 2016

A&S Display Gulf Wars

Alesone was kind enough to take my display from K&Q's A&S to Gulf Wars. Images from the display are below.

I received a few pieces of useful feedback such as:

---talk about bead release both historically and related to glass bead experiments
---modify what I say about period v.s. modern glass to be more clear about how similar the two are, and where the differences are.

I will have to update my documentation to reflect these ideas.

However, the judges also thought that I had too much documentation and that I should have only entered one bead string; that 3 bead strings was overkill.They also said that it was interested to see how things were done in the East. Now, I'm not aware I'm following an "eastern A&S model." My entry was specifically crafted for the Artifacts of a Life event, and for an A&S Champions event, both which called for more than one item to be included in the entry. I think this might be an instance of interesting "inter kingdom anthropology." It would be interesting to learn more about how A&S in the East differs from A&S elsewhere. I think other kingdoms have more strictures or structure to their A&S activities.