Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Link to Combined Documentation

K&Q A&S was a very good day. I finished in the top 6, and received a Golden Lyre in court for my entry!

I also had a lovely conversation with Clare (Isabel Chamberlaine) the next morning, where we looked at the feedback on the score sheet, discussed the winning entries, and figured what next steps I might take to improve what I am doing. Some thoughts include:

1. Showing process better: I was not sure how to do that for this project, because I had already largely figured out many of the bead making/decorating skills I used to complete this project. However, even though that process is one I already completed, showing it with my A&S entries has value. Others can see what my process was, and showing my mistakes/failures may be useful for newer bead makers. Remembering what my process was like may also help me better teach these skills to others. I plan to make very brief documents that explain how I learned each decoration technique used in the next A&S project I complete. I will also include some of my first attempts/less than perfect beads with my display. My next project is a recreated Anglo-Saxon necklace, so I can also show process and depth by including the Anglo-Saxon typology in a display with that necklace, and linking the two projects. Eventually, I should even create my own period appropriate necklace, using what I learned form the typology and from recreating several existing Anglo-Saxon necklaces.

2. Arrange some information in my documentation & also my display more visually: I will focus on doing this first for the document "Consideration for Reproducing Historic Beads," as this document also talks somewhat about my process. Clare suggested using tables. Perhaps I can include some of the beads discussed in this document physically in my A&S display. Any other physical items I can include might be good (stringers/twisties perhaps?)

3. Focus on experimental archeology: Make beads using a fire/kiln. Also focusing on using period tools and period bead release. This is already something I was planning to do, but I will focus on documenting that process and including some of that documentation with every A&S project I do. Hopefully I can also include some beads made with period techniques in my display, even if they are not part of my actual project. While I will likely never be able to complete a large project using a period heat source, there is a lot more I can do and show people in this area.

The idea of doing ALL THESE THINGS seems overwhelming, but I just need to remember that everything does not have to happen at once. I have my work for the next year or so all planned out!