Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Artifacts of a Life

The purpose behind the Artifacts of a Life A&S competition was
Me at Artifacts of a Life
to create several A&S items that were all tied to a specific time period and context. I began planning for  this event as soon as it was announced. I knew I wanted to create an Anglo-Saxon glass bead necklace and connect the necklace to the person who would have worn it. While I was searching for an artifact to recreate, I came across a photograph, found on the Pintrest board of another SCA bead maker, of a necklace in a museum. Using the reference on the card, I ordered the archaeological report form my library, and started working on the necklace. I added two smaller bead strings from that archaeological report to my project, as multiple artifacts were required for the event.
Pintrest museum photo.

Below are some pictures of my display, and a link to my documentation can be  found here.

The event was great! Talking to the judges and the people who stopped by was great. Seeing some of my friend enter as well was great! And I liked that a bunch of us wore clothing connected to our entries. You can see me in my first attempt at Anglo-Saxon garb above. The main feedback I got from judges this time around was a suggestion about my display. Some pictures of the display are below. Basically, I think I want to have each string displayed singly, rather than on the board in imitation of the picture from the archaeological report. I want people to be able to pick up the beads strings. And I want to make the pictures of me wearing the strings larger so they are more evident and make more of an impact. This is something to work on before K&Q A&S in February.

photo of my display
photo of my display
I was privileged to take a very very close first prize in the "traditional" category. I was also honored with a token by the Baroness of BBM.

An account of the event can be found on the EK Gazette