Monday, September 7, 2015

Video from a real Anglo-Saxon Cemetary Excavation

I've started watching a few documentaries on the Anglo-Saxon to give me a bit more background knowledge of the period, as most of the bead work I have done has centered on that time/place. In my searches of You Tube I came across an British TV series called Time Team. Its kind of like a cross between a reality show & a documentary about archeological excavations. They had an episode about excavating an Anglo-Saxon cemetery in season 8 of their show.

Time Team Season 8 Episode 1: Anglo Saxon Cemetery

This was awesome to watch, because much of my research has focused on the reports generated form these excavations, so I got to see the reality of how these excavations are carried out. I think I will recommend this as a fun resource the next time I teach my class about making beads using archeological reports.

Sadly, I have not yet found a complete report written up about this excavation. This Link is the closest I have come. I was hoping i would find a more complete write up and analysis of this excavation, as they seem to have found a male grave with some monochrome and amber beads!

Note: A few days later I found several other episodes of this TV show where they excavate an Anglo-Saxon cemetary