Tuesday, November 11, 2014


These very modern looking earrings were a gift for a friend.

Construction Notes:
  • I used a lentil bead press to shape the beads.
  • I put white frit on the bead, and then rakend the frit to form the pattern you see above.
  • To the white frit I added dots of silvered ivory stringer, which is a very pretty and fun modern lampworking technique.
  • I tried all of this originally on an opaque blue background. However, the decoration did not pop against that background, so I switched to a dark transparent blue.
  • However, that blue was so dark, it looked almost black in certain lights. To fix this I started with a core of white class, around which I wound the darker blue glass. This lightened the blue transparent glass.
  • All of the above techniques are very modern, although very basic (un-raked) frit beads are completely period to the early middle ages. I've seen them in several sources discussing  Anglo-Saxon glass beads.